I'm excited to put out my first ever solo-produced video.  A ton of hours went into this project, and it feels good to have this permanent thing to show for.



I first learned this song in December of 2015 as I was trying to learn French.  I was planning to take a trip to France, and I was bringing myself up to speed on basic conversational skills.  One of the things I've traditionally done to help with that process has been to learn music in the target language.  It's a fantastic way to practice pronunciation and to learn vocabulary that you wouldn't otherwise learn in a textbook.

I couldn't tell you where I first heard La Vie En Rose, but after hearing both the French version by Edith Piaf and the English version by Louis Armstrong, I knew I had a something in the works.  I pieced together a bit from each and adapted it to an acoustic guitar cover.  I'm really happy what it's grown into over the years.  Every time I've played it, it's been a bit different. A lot of the melody that the guitar carries has grown organically from all the times that I've played it, and I'm really happy with where it's at today.  


Reflections on the first video

To recap from an earlier post called Mid Year Goals Audit 2017, one of my self-imposed deadlines before the end of 2017 was to produce one video by October 1st.  Let me tell you, there's nothing like a deadline to make things happen.  On September 1, a reminder went off in my phone that I had four weeks to learn how to produce a music video, and boy did the panic set in. 

I first bought the audio equipment, and from there I'd say it took three straight weeks to learn the rest.  It was a long and arduous process for me to learn new software - in some ways like learning to speak in a new language.  Some programs like NCH VideoPad took just one late night of playing around.  Others like FL Studio 12 took me days and days to manage to pull together the audio that I did, and to be honest I don't think I understand what I did well enough to really explain the process to someone else.  It's amazing to me that I managed to pull this off with that limited understanding.

This project was also a struggle for me, like the old saying, "Good is the enemy of perfect, but perfect is the enemy of good enough."  I wanted so badly to put out a flawless video that made me look and sound better than I actually was, but I think in the end, the fatigue of late nights editing and working a full time job beat out my desire to push the envelope any further.  I had to keep reminding myself that there would be more chances, and no matter how good this one turns out, the next ones will still be better.  In short, it was good practice in being happy with what turned out well, and letting go of the parts that were wasting my time.


So what's next? I've got another self-imposed deadline of two videos by December 31.  I'd like to do another independent one, and one collaborative one with another musician friend of mine.  Either way, the goal remains that I've got two videos due by the new year.  From there, we'll evaluate if this is something I want to stick with and invest more energy into.

I hope you all enjoyed this first video, and thanks for following my content.